Kirsten Olson Peckham, B.A., M.Ac., Dipl. of Acu. (NCCAOM)

Kirsten Olson Peckham, B.A., M.Ac., Dipl. of Acu. (NCCAOM)

All of my life, I have had a passion for water, movement, the outdoors, spirituality, natural health and healing, food, athletics, and people. I would live near the sea or on a sailboat if I could! 

Here I want to share more of who I am with you and what I can offer you through my profession, life experience, and personal passions. Enjoy!

My mission

As a board certified acupuncturist and integrated health professional, my mission is to bring an individualized and whole body wellness approach to men, women, and children looking for a complete package to managing health conditions and long-term vitality.  Creating a healthy life is a process that includes, but is not limited to: acupuncture and Traditional Chinese modalities, essential oils, dietary therapy and supplementation, yoga recommendations, meditation, and lifestyle modifications. The power of the body to be well and healthy within itself is a real, tangible, and powerful thing. Through my practice I hope to bring people this awareness and support them in their own process of health and healing, helping them create the full and healthy life they desire. 

What i offer through my experience & Passions

I have experience treating many conditions, ranging from musculoskeletal/orthopedic/sports injury-related issues and pain, to women's health and cyclical wellness, to other more general systemic issues like digestion, allergies, migraines, and emotional imbalance. My greatest passion is helping my patients understand there are many tools to whole body health and healing, many of which can be utilized day-to-day in their own homes and on their own terms. 

As a "retired" Division I/Division III collegiate athlete (women's hockey), a competitive Crossfit athlete, and a certified yoga instructor, I understand the importance and value of a strong mind and body on overall training and performance. Because of this experience, I have continued my education to better serve athletes through additional training in acupuncture sports medicine, specifically trigger point/myofascial release technique, which is very effective for tired, tight, strained, and overtrained muscles and myofascial systems. 

My other passion, women's health, is rooted in my experience as a woman and a mother. There are many ways to bring health to women's bodies naturally; synthetic hormones and surgical interventions are not the only options. I find it very important to help women understand and experience an individualized approach that supports hormone balance and complete health naturally for their entire person-mind, body, and spirit.

{REVIVIFY}—To give new life or spirit to; to energize and invigorate;
to refreshen, recharge, rejuvenate, revitalize, and renew;
to make someone or something strong, healthy, and active again.
— Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary