What brings you JOY?

Life has a way of bringing us to our knees...of forcing us to make a decision rather than letting the lack of decision be our choice. It asks us to ACT, rather than REACT; to move forward in alignment with our purpose and our values; to move forward with an open heart, grace, and love. To move us to the question, 'What brings me joy???" And to be forced to answer that question from the deepest places of our hearts and our experiences in our movement forward as we create a defined, balanced, and healthy life.

The question isn't about being happy...my aunt once told me happiness is elusive...and alas, it is. It isn't about the quick fix or finding the fast lane to success and fulfillment. No. It's about JOY. An emotion with more depth and character than simply being happy...with more gumption and guts than most other emotions offer.

I recently have had a couple of upheavals in my personal life...they have been developing over enough time to finally break...and to finally let the light start to shine into the broken places to move forward. I won't be specific, but the breaking has to do with the deep foundations of my life...foundations that you build your life upon. And it has been hard, sad, confusing, lonely, and dark. It has literally brought me to my knees begging God to show me the way through and the way back to a clear and purposeful life.

That said, through this upheaval I've lost track of my core values and the vision I've had and continue to have for my life and how it might play out. I've felt lost and ungrounded. I've been trying to find my way back through yoga, meditation, conversations with friends, cooking and good food, wine, and most importantly, with and through God. It was suggested to me on my recent visit to MN that I simply focus on what brings me joy and let that bring me back to where I should be. It has been over the last couple of weeks since this was suggested that life has again become more clear. JOY. What brings me JOY? What brings YOU joy? How do we use our hearts to guide us back to our paths, our principles, our purpose, and our highest self? To our zen? To our place of homeostasis that is fluid and resonates with the deepest parts of ourselves? 

This month I'm focusing on gratitude and intention. I've been listening to a lot of podcasts and reading some great books about how living with daily gratitude and intention can transform a life. Not that I'm necessarily in need of transformation...but I'm definitely in need of a direction forward that resembles something that I once knew but is also something very different...something I've created through my own sweat and tears and that lands firmly on on my own heart in the form of JOY. Where and how are you finding yours? 


Happy New Year 2017

CHEERS to a big, brand new, beautiful year!!!!!!

A year to continue in the becoming, transforming, and evolving of our health and our lives! I'm so excited for this year as I have so many ideas about how to serve you better, build and transform my business, and create more of everything in my own life. 

This updated and completely revised website is only a start of what is yet to come...

This blog is meant to be a space to share information, educate you about various health-related and life-related topics and issues, and to simply create a space to start to write. Not just write...but write out loud for everyone to see and hear and be impacted by. I will keep it tasteful and I will keep it interesting!!!

Happy 1st day of the year!!!!!!!!

Let's all come flying at this year with as much passion, love, gumption, and punch as we possibly can bring!