Meet Kirsten and learn more about her vision, mission to serve, and the health results she supports her patients in creating through acupuncture, essential oils, dietary therapy, supplemental recommendations, yogic principles, and lifestyle management.

She is passionate about natural healthcare and appreciates any opportunity to serve you in your continued health needs and journey!

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"Creating health naturally through acupuncture, eastern philosophy, essential oils, dietary therapy and supplementation, movement, and lifestyle management are my greatest passion. I am excited and thankful for the opportunity to serve you in your journey forward creating a healthy life!"

{REVIVIFY} To give new life or spirit to; to energize and invigorate; to refreshen, recharge, rejuvenate, revitalize, and renew.

Revivify Acupuncture & Holistic Healing is owned and managed by Kirsten Olson Peckham, B.A., M.Ac., who is a nationally board certified and skilled acupuncturist. Kirsten is proficient in acupuncture sports medicine and acupuncture for women's health. She is also very knowledgeable about general health and wellness, including but not limited to: emotional health, digestive issues, migraine and headache pain, autoimmune disorders, fibromyalgia, insomnia, and stress management. Kirsten's kind heart and passion, along with her education, skill and experience, will show to be both effective and enjoyable as you begin on your journey with her in creating a healthy life!

Happy & Satisfied Patients.

“I began seeing Kirsten when my IT band tightness began impeding my walks and quality of movement. In addition to providing IT band and knee pain relief, she has also helped with my chronic shoulder and neck pain. Dealing with chronic pain is exhausting. OTC pain medications did nothing. I’ve had success with acupuncture in the past and knew I would have relief, but didn’t know I’d be blessed with such a loving and kind soul! Kirsten’s spirit is as healing as the acupuncture!
— IT Band Tightness & Mobility
Kirsten is amazing! I’ve had a nagging injury for 6 months now and wasn’t able to get relief seeing an MD or chiropractor. With just one treatment, my pain was greatly diminished and a few treatments later, I am almost pain free. She has also helped my 12 year old athlete daughter with her range of motion and headaches. Kirsten is so talented and so kind! I highly recommend her!!
— Sciatica/Shoulder Mobility/Headaches
The last 15 years of my life have been have been filled with pain and suffering followed by surgeries, therapies, dry needling, name it. Kirsten has given me hope again. She is incredibly smart and empathetic to my needs and struggles. She makes no promises, but does her best to treat you as an individual with specific treatment needs. Without question I would recommend her to anyone struggling with pain.
— Pain Management

Safe & Effective Treatments.

I was in pretty bad shape when I met Kirsten. I had already tried deep tissue massage and chiropractic adjustments. Acupuncture ended up being the best medicine! With her treatments I finally found relief! I highly recommend acupuncture for all pain and ailments!
— Musculoskeletal/Back Pain



Wow! What an amazing experience. The relaxation and pain management were beyond expectations. She has treated me for morning sickness, headaches, fertility support, and stress with great success. Highly recommended!
— Women's Health & Stress Management
I am so thankful for every session.
Every session gets better & better.
Kirsten is kind; she genuinely cares & really knows what she is doing. Gratitude for all you do, Kirsten.
Great meditation, tension release, & energetic movement every time.
— Inflammation/Pain & Women's Health

Incredible Results.

When I met Kirsten, I didn’t really know anything about acupuncture other than they would poke you with a bunch of needles. Since I’m not a fan of needles I had never ventured to have acupuncture. Kirsten had a way of explaining and making me feel so comfortable that my 1st treatment was a breeze!!! The needles don’t really hurt at all! I learned acupuncture can be used to help with many different conditions. Thank you so much for everything—you’re the best!
— Women's Health & General Wellness
I was having severe sciatic leg pain when I came to Kirsten. She immediately set my 1st time acupuncture nerves at ease, and I now have complete relief of my pain. Kirsten is very knowledgable and was my saving grace!
— Sciatica

I’ve been seeing Kirsten for one month now and she’s changing my life. Acupuncture is relieving my lower back pain and shoulder pain, as well as improving the overall feeling of balance in my life.
— Low Back/Shoulder Pain